Sustainable coats for women

Women's jackets and coats are one of the garments that tend to last the longest. A jacket made with quality materials and standard designs has always been a safe bet. A garment that can complement our closet and could even become a garment that, due to its timeless style and design, can pass on from mother to daughter. A phenomenon that we have also seen in vintage fashion stores, with jackets and coats being one of the most sought after garments for their quality and design.

The problem has arisen in those decades in which fast fashion has been imposed and women's jackets became also garments designed and made to only last one season. A trend that has fortunately been overcome, imposing the desire to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle which has also extended to the textile industry. If you are looking for sustainable coats and jackets for women, at Moolberry we offer you the best in slow fashion.

Do not hesitate and join the change and contribute to improve the world with small gestures like buying sustainable jackets in Moolberry. Women's coats and jackets designed with premium organic fabrics, original designs, attractive colors and ethically made, that you will love and will become part of your daily outfits.

Women's coats for more sustainable fashion

The concept of slow fashion or sustainable fashion emerged in 2007 as a response to the damage that fast fashion was causing both to the environment and to the labor rights of people working in the textile industry in underdeveloped countries. A worrying situation that has to be transformed through a change in the mentality of buyers. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet and the move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and lifestyle choices in all areas takes time and requires customers to choose to shop in sustainable stores.

Buying sustainable coats and jackets means betting on a natural lifestyle, slowing down the pace of consumption and choosing more timeless designs, prioritizing quality over quantity and not considering products as disposable but as reusable and recyclable objects. A way of producing and buying that also maintains an ethical stance by extending this demand for sustainability both in the production of raw materials and in the location of companies, how work is compensated, the environmental effects of logistics, packaging, design, assembly and management of stores, management of online orders, and so on.

The end result of this new philosophy of life is to create sustainable garments, made to last, with attractive, practical and elegant designs, with a different touch for every occasion. The materials chosen are always top quality, especially organic and natural cotton, corduroy and wool, as well as fabrics made from recycled products. A natural and ecological trend that fits more with the style of modern women, supportive and involved in the creation of a better world.

Moolberrry, your sustainable fashion store

The opposition to fast fashion, industrial and impersonal fashion, has generated the emergence of a large number of sustainable fashion brands. Projects that choose raw materials and handmade or fair trade items, promoting the manufacture of fashion garments with sustainable materials, in addition to ethical production. Moolberry is one of those stores that have accepted the great challenge of making and selling sustainable fashion and participating in the change of purchasing habits by encouraging recycling and responsible consumption.

Moolberry is the first sustainable fashion brand to obtain the ISSOOP seal, a label that guarantees not only an affordable price, but also women's coats and jackets, as well as all kinds of sustainable garments suitable for all tastes. Moolberry fashion tries to combine comfort, style, innovation and timelessness to offer unique fashion collections designed to meet today's expectations.

A sustainable fashion store that also tries to raise awareness among its customers to get them involved in recycling and reusing the clothes they buy and the ones they have in their closets. The idea is to buy in a conscious and respectful way, valuing the great damage that compulsive buying and not recycling clothes cause on the environment.

Moolberry works to maintain a respectful process with the environment, from the natural to the social environment, taking care of the rights of textile workers and protecting health by using non-toxic materials and dermatologically tested fabrics. A way of working in favor of sustainability and quality that has earned it international recognition.

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