Sustainable kaftans for women

There are garments that never go out of fashion and become a rising value in your wardrobe. One of these garments are kaftans, a long tunic or dress with oriental reminiscences that allows us to have a versatile garment that will last us for several seasons as it is a basic item to have a good wardrobe. Buying a kaftan is an ideal option for those of us who also want to have a sustainable wardrobe and reduce the pernicious effect of fast fashion. A commitment to eco-friendly and less polluting fashion starts with quality, timeless and durable garments.

At Moolberry we are committed to sustainable fashion and responsible shopping, choosing clothes that can be reused, recycled and thus reduce our impact on the environment. In our catalogue you will find elegant, modern, comfortable and very wearable kaftans. Garments with bohemian and chic designs that you can combine with the outfits you like the most.

Women's kaftans for a more sustainable fashion industry

The kaftan is a garment that has evolved throughout time and, with this denomination, it includes both dresses and long, loose-fitting, open or closed tunics with buttoning. A very comfortable piece of clothing, with a certain exotic and bohemian air, that will help you to give a glamorous and charming touch to any outfit. 

Thus, the kaktan has gone from being a traditional garment in the East to being reinvented as a luxury evening dress by designers such as Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent, who created designs with rich and elegant fabrics, becoming a fashionable garment among Hollywood stars and the beautiful people of the 80s and 70s, as well as being one of the garments adopted by the hippie movement.

In the 90s, kaftans were revived as an essential piece for the summer with mini versions, but always maintaining their versatility. A garment for any occasion and ideal for adding a touch of colour and elegance to the summer.

These fashion items are designed in ecological and natural fabrics, with timeless colours and styles that not only allow us to achieve a sustainable wardrobe, but also to enjoy casual and sophisticated garments.

Moolberrry, your sustainable clothing shop

If you are thinking about boosting your wardrobe, make it more sustainable and get a more modern and bohemian style, at Moolberry we have a collection of kaftans that will surprise you with their quality, design and price, as well as being ecological garments.

At Moolberry we are committed to the environment and sustainability, with the ISSOP seal as a guarantee that you are looking at a truly ecological garment and an excellent quality and price ratio. 

You can find us both in our online shop and in one of our Moolberry shops. These sustainable fashion shops are located in Malaga, Toledo or Benidorm, in the centre of the city, to be close to customers and accessible on foot or by public transport. Join the change and the challenge of sustainable fashion!

Shipping across Europe

We create sustainable clothes made in Europe for european countries, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We care for the environment

We work on a daily basis so that our products are respectful with our surroundings. 

Secure payments

At Moolberry we make sure you can purchse your clothes online safely. 

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