Sustainable skirts for women

Fashion is not at odds with ecology and there are many solutions that try to stop the effects that fast fashion has caused in the way we consume. Throwaway fashion is becoming a thing of the past, while sustainable fashion is gaining ground with garments designed, manufactured and marketed in an ethical way that respects the planet. A slow fashion that tries to take fashion out of its second place as the most polluting industry and also aims to reduce its economic and social impact. 

At Moolberry we have accepted this challenge for sustainability, responsible consumption and to take on the challenge of the three R's of ecology: reuse clothes, recycle them and reduce the impact on the environment, as well as non-responsible consumption. A challenge that is not incompatible with the quality of fabrics and designs, offering fashion collections with elegant or more casual skirts, vaporous and made with sustainable fabrics. Sustainable skirtsthat are part of comfortable and original outfits, designed for a modern woman, supportive, responsible and aware of her surroundings and the environment.

chaquetas sostenibles

Women's skirts for a more sustainable fashion industry

Skirts are very versatile garments, especially long skirts. Because of their comfort and no matter your style your style, long skirts are a must in your wardrobe. And the fact is that, season after season, skirts are reinvented and we always find models, lengths and styles that become the center of attention for many collections throughout the year. A garment that we can use as a wildcard, as it allows us a multitude of combinations, enabling us to be fashionable both on a day at the beach and in the countryside, at a party, shopping, at work or at any event where you want to feel comfortable and fashionable.But if long skirts can't give an elegant, hippie, romantic or sophisticated air, short skirts are also ideal to give a youthful and original air to our outfits, without giving up on elegance and comfort.These garments also allow us to combine them with all kinds of blouses, t-shirts, shirts or tops, as well as accessories such as belts.

A long pleated skirt with a cotton T-shirt can be a really glamorous outfit with a lamé top with thin straps. And when it comes to sustainability, eco and sustainable fashiondesigners have also created women's skirts with eco-friendly fabrics, lightweight designs, natural shades and a nod to trends with mini skirts and tulle skirts. Basic garments to create a timeless wardrobe that you can use over several seasons, thus contributing to saving money and caring for the environment.

Moolberrry, your sustainable clothing shop

It's the little things that change the world and your contribution to recycling and sustainability starts with renewing your wardrobe in a more ecological spirit, but, of course, staying true to your style. This is a line of action that we move in Moolberry, that is, to be sustainable and at the same time to be fashionable offering an interesting variety of styles, from the most glamorous to the most casual. Moolberry is a fashion company, the only one in the world with the ISSOP seal for its commitment to the environment. A seal that certifies our commitment and guarantees a sustainable and quality product at an affordable price. Our commitment leads us to design fashion for real, caring and committed women.  A clientele to which we respond from our Moolberry shops. Sustainable clothing shops that you can already find in locations such as Toledo, Malaga and Benidorm, as well as in our online shop. A business that encourages sustainable economy and keeps us close to our customers.  A sustainable and close attitude that starts with our suppliers, the facilities where the fabrics are manufactured, the workshops where the garments are made, as well as all the logistics. A structure in which the rights of textile workers are strictly respected, as well as their health by using only natural materials, avoiding toxic products completely. 

Shipping across Europe

We create sustainable clothes made in Europe for european countries, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We care for the environment

We work on a daily basis so that our products are respectful with our surroundings. 

Secure payments

At Moolberry we make sure you can purchse your clothes online safely. 

So, do not hesitate, go for the most current and sustainable fashion, designed for all tastes and all budgets. Moolberry thinks of you, the woman who feels attractive and wants to be part of the change to a more conscious, sustainable and respectful world. Just take a look at our online shop and discover a unique and original fashion collection, join our philosophy of change and join the challenge to leave a better world for your loved ones!

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