Sustainable dresses for women

Sustainable fashion was born as a response to fast fashion or throwaway fashion. A conventional textile industry that is currently the second most polluting industry in the world, in addition to the enormous social and economic impact it has meant for some countries by unhealthy labor, negative effect on local craftsmanship and the consequent economic inequality and spread of poverty. To alleviate the effects of fast fashion, an ecological and sustainable fashion has emerged. We are talking about slow fashion, an ethical and respectful fashion that takes care of the planet and all the people involved in the industry. 

It is about reducing the environmental impact and optimizing working conditions, as well as involving consumers by inviting them to buy fashion responsibly, reuse clothes and recycle. One of those garments that cannot be missing in your closet for its versatility and comfort are dresses, elegant, vaporous, winter, summer, floral, plain and, above all, sustainable. Sustainable dresses for women that will surely make you fall in love with their designs, fabrics and quality.

Women's dresses for a more sustainable fashion industry

Looking for a dress for a special occasion? There is nothing better than a sustainable dress to combine design, elegance and ecology. Sustainable fashion designers have found one of the star garments of their collections in dresses. Dresses are very feminine garments, very wearable because they are very easy to combine with just a pair of shoes, sandals or boots. 

A few minutes and you are ready for any event. But that same simplicity is what leads designers to have to weigh what kind of fabric to use, the fall, the cut, volume, feel and weight of the garment, in addition to the length, accessories and the final price. A task to which we must now add making the collections sustainable, reducing the environmental impact of the fabric, the tailoring and the sales process. 

In addition to the sustainable design and manufacture of dresses, women's dresses are also sustainable because they are more economical. Being a one-piece garment, and being one of those basic garments to create a perfect closet, dresses usually accompany us for several seasons, with the consequent savings and contribution to sustainability.

It is therefore a garment with a long life cycle and really attractive to get an elegant, basic, wearable and, above all, sustainable closet.

Moolberry, your sustainable fashion store

In recent years there have been many fashion brands that have joined the challenge of sustainability. A struggle to reduce their carbon footprint, pollution and to achieve a change in the way we consume fashion. Thus, for decades, low-cost fashion instituted the throwaway philosophy in the textile sector. A cheap fashion due to the poor quality of fabrics, the offshoring of the textile industry and the reduction of costs in clothing by opening factories in countries with lax regulations on labor protection, environment and tax policy. The alarming global environmental situation requires changes at all levels, but above all the adoption of new consumption habits in all areas. A change that must also occur in the way fashion is produced and that has begun to bear fruit in the emergence of sustainable fashion brands that are very involved in this transformation towards ecological and sustainable fashion.

Among the sustainable fashion brands is Moolberry, a fashion store that is defined by following an ecological philosophy based on sustainability, quality and comfort. Moolberry has the ISSOP seal that guarantees a sustainable and quality product at an affordable price. In addition, Moolberry has been the first brand to obtain this seal, an achievement that is the result of the strength of its commitment to sustainability and its commitment to a more environmentally friendly textile industry.

An attitude that also extends to suppliers, to the facilities in which the manufacturing and clothing processes and logistics are carried out, abiding by the strictest regulations in ecological and social matters. Thus, Moolberry works from the respect for the rights of textile workers, the protection of health by using natural materials previously tested in order to avoid toxic components.

Shipping across Europe

We create sustainable clothes made in Europe for european countries, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

We care for the environment

We work on a daily basis so that our products are respectful with our surroundings. 

Secure payments

At Moolberry we make sure you can purchse your clothes online safely

Moolberry is one of the most current newcomers for a kind of fashion that combines comfort, aesthetics and quality, in addition to involving its customers in the dynamics of reuse and recycling. An attractive and modern fashion movement in which you can find dresses for women in a variety of styles. A collection of clothing specially designed so you can renew your closet in a sustainable and responsible way and giving a second chance to all your clothes. 

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