Our philosophy

Moolberry's commitment to sustainability

Moolberry's commitment to sustainability is evident through its ISSOP seal. We are a unique fashion company with reinforcing measures aimed at a more responsible and environmentally friendly textile industry.   

ISSOP Sustainability Guarantee

Moolberry is a sustainable fashion brand that stands out for its eco philosophy based on three fundamental pillars: comfort, sustainability and quality. In addition to being the first fashion brand to obtain the ISSOP seal, which guarantees an affordable price, suitable for everyone.  

Our main goal is to offer garments that stand out for their comfort, aesthetics and quality. However, in order to do things properly, we have adopted a commitment based on the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Thus, both suppliers and the facilities where manufacturing and manufacturing processes take place comply with a strict code of conduct.    

Moolberry's fashion is attractive and innovative to meet the expectations of today's customer. However, we also seek to raise global awareness with a strong commitment to the environment. Our ISSOP seal proves it, being the guarantee of our sustainable work. 

All the exclusive designs that are part of our collections have been manufactured following a process that respects the surrounding environment. This means that we work every day to respect the human rights of textile workers, care for the environment and protect health through the use of dermatologically tested natural materials that do not contain toxic components. Thus, our values of quality and sustainability have earned us international prestige. 

Commitment to fair labor

The threat of a highly unbalanced global economy generates uncertainty in a world where discrimination and social exclusion seem to have taken the lead. We must adopt labor agreements that are fair and not contrary to freedom and human rights in order to adopt a balanced economic attitude.

Our brand is committed to social justice and we are committed to rights-based employment opportunities and equal opportunity, regardless of nationality, citizenship and immigration status. 

One of Moolberry's priorities is to improve the quality of employment, achieving adequate and homogeneous working conditions. Our commitment to fair labor is key to fighting against irresponsible trade that does not believe in social integration. Our work, therefore, consists of supporting the implementation of living wages and having a socially responsible supply chain. 

The idea is to maximize the positive impact of textile activity by developing socially sustainable production environments, something we continue to work on and deepen. It is vitally important to implement programs that promote labor and social conditionalities in the production areas, in collaboration with other institutions and organizations that strive to achieve this.

Commitment to water reduction

You may never have considered how much water we use in the production of cosmetics, meat and clothing. Yet for many years we have used this precious resource to access items that are part of our daily lives. 

The total amount of water that can be used to produce a particular product can be outrageous. In fact, thousands of liters of water can be used to produce a single pair of jeans. 

The water requirements needed to produce clothing are far too high, and with constant production, it is clear that something needs to be done about it.  

Moolberry's commitment to sustainability includes reducing water use in the manufacturing process. Efficient water management in the supply chain needs to be advocated so that water use is clean and responsible. 

Fighting climate change

The fashion industry is very polluting and needs to be stopped. Moolberry wants to demonstrate that it is possible to fight pollution and climate change through the use of different sustainable actions. 

We are a socially responsible company that cares about the environment and sustainability. For that reason, our business model is different, giving rise to a responsible consumption in which the customer has the last word. Our goal is to support other organizations in the fight against climate change, transmitting a message of awareness to the consumer based on how important it is to take care of the planet, the place where we live.  

We want to do our bit to make this world a better place, which is why we are personally involved in the production process. Conserving the planet should be everyone's responsibility and from here we want to encourage you to bet on those materials that follow environmental sustainability criteria. 

At Moolberry we only work with suppliers that follow a respectful working model with fair labor conditions and sustainable manufacturing methods.  

Caring for biodiversity

One of our main goals is to stop destroying biodiversity. Maintaining the natural balance of things is essential to avoid the emergence of new diseases. The fashion industry is becoming increasingly aware of this, seeking new challenges to reduce the impact on the production of garments, which affects the balance of ecosystems.

We are facing a climate emergency situation that is on the rise and we must all be clear about how urgent it is to reduce the footprint of industrial activity and what resources we should not waste. At Moolberry, we understand that this is a challenge, but it is vital to avoid destroying healthy ecosystems. Not impacting certain regions that need conservation work, restoring damaged areas and knowing what resources to use so as not to overexploit them is key. 

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