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Moolberry is a women's clothing chain that belongs to Espigol Group, which focuses on local manufacturers and Italian, French and Portuguese suppliers. Its value lies in the production of sustainable clothes of high quality and timeless style, without forgetting about the latest trends.

Our franchise is the first in the market to obtain the ISSOP seal or Sustainable Innovation without Planned Obsolescence. This means that our brand and our suppliers are committed to sustainability throughout the entire process, from the collection of raw materials to the manufacture of the garments, including marketing.

Today's woman loves fashion, but she also cares about what's going on around her. She does not want to turn her back on climate change and is aware of the problems caused by uncontrolled manufacturing, such as CO2 emissions and the depletion of raw materials.

So if you want to do your bit and offer beautiful, sustainable clothes for women, opening a Moolberry franchise is a good way to show that fashion and the environment can go hand in hand.

Welcome to the Moolberry philosophy

Moolberry's business model is based on customer satisfaction. This is achieved by studying their tastes and their way of thinking when it comes to contributing to the planet. Our brand has a firm commitment to sustainability and we work daily to offer sustainable pieces adapted to the world of fashion.

At Moolberry we know how to adapt to the different tastes of today's women, being aware that each silhouette is beautiful just as it is, that is, unique and imperfect. What may look good on you may not look the same on someone else, and that is part of Moolberry's philosophy. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to dress every day in comfortable, flattering clothes, without neglecting sustainability.

Our company is looking for entrepreneurs who want to make a change in their lives by adding an alternative business idea that is committed to sustainability. If you want to open a Moolberry franchise, it won't be difficult to do so. All we ask is that you are committed to representing our brand in the best possible way. 

To make this possible, Moolberry has fashion collections with a very natural and careful aesthetic, whose key point is based on the details. If you want to know more, just get in touch with us and we will tell you more about Moolberry's values and strong commitment.

Benefits of being a franchisee

Moolberry is the leading franchise of sustainable women's fashion, which adapts to all types of public, giving rise to a very attractive and profitable business, which is also environmentally friendly.

Our success lies in knowing how to adapt our collections, taking into account different tastes and needs. Our public is heterogeneous and our only aim is to please them in order to gain their trust and loyalty.

Our business is a guarantee of success. We have been in the fashion world for several years with our own shops and franchises that have become safe and very profitable businesses. If you want to open a Moolberry franchise and you don't know where to start, write or call us and we will help you achieve your professional goals and objectives.

Why should you invest in Moolberry? If you want to become an entrepreneur and bet on a safe value, this business model will give you a lot of satisfaction. It is the first brand in the market that looked to the future to obtain the ISSOP seal, giving rise to sustainable fashion with the minimum investment and the highest profitability.

This franchise model has become very widespread in recent years and there are many reasons that can explain it. Why does our franchise work?

  • First of all because it is the first fashion company to obtain the ISSOP seal, precisely because of its faithful commitment to the environment.
  • It is a sustainable alternative without having to give up the most attractive fashion garments.
  • We have a wide range of possibilities to adapt to the needs of the real woman.
  • Our shops stand out for being attractive and generating a great acceptance among the female public.

Moolberry Franchisee Conditions

The Moolberry method is present in many shops around the world. Like our brand, these businesses are committed to sustainability and in return we have provided them with some useful tools so that they can offer high quality and durable clothes.

Moolberry does not follow seasonal trends. What we offer has its own stamp of identity, giving rise to pieces full of personality that you will fall in love with. Those of us who are part of the brand are passionate about fashion, which is why our shops are located in tourist streets and our designs are very carefully designed. All this to create a welcoming atmosphere that is distinguished by its great attractiveness and its high sustainable values.

The profile of the franchisee that Moolberry is looking for is an entrepreneur excited about developing a beautiful project capable of adapting to the new times. To bring it to fruition, Moolberry has a support programme for those interested in financing the franchise. In this way, the entrepreneur will only have to give a third part of the investment and the rest will be financed through the corresponding financial entity.

Each franchisee will be assisted by an expert who will advise him/her and keep him/her up to date with all the particularities of the brand. The franchisee will always be supported by us until the shop is fully operational and starts working. 

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