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Moolberry is a sustainable fashion online shop that provides the best items for the European retail market. We use the best technology to seek the greatest efficiency in our actions and thus meticulously comply with our commitment to sustainability. 

Social responsibility has been our priority from the start and has led us to add value to our business model, making sustainability the main focus for us, our suppliers, staff, logistics and of course our sustainable fashion line

We take care of every detail from the creation to the end of its useful life, giving it a second chance with different solidarity and recycling actions. If you were looking for a sustainable clothing brand, you have found it!

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Local fashion made in Europe

The production model we are committed to in order to create our sustainable fashion line is so efficient that it allows us to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly clothing that complies with strict quality standards. We sell clothes made in Europe, designed in Spain and manufactured in Portugal, making ours an ethical clothing line too. 

This local production model, together with the small steps we take every day in order to offer a more environmentally friendly brand and our experience as manufacturers, contribute the necessary flexibility to offer a variety of clothing that allows us to fulfill our Moolberry fashionista’s expectations.

Regardless of the location of the manufacturers, we guarantee that each item on sale is healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable. With the help of universities and reference laboratories, these demanding standards are applied throughout the manufacturing process, to the items we market and to all the suppliers we work with. We only use sustainable products to manufacture our garments. 

This requirement also extends to the chemical industry that produces the dyes and auxiliary chemicals used in the textile and leather sector. We work closely with them to constantly improve the quality of these products.

We offer you an extensive catalogue of sustainable clothing online so that you can purchase our garments from your home no matter where you are. Sustainable t-shirts, dresses and trousers, whichever item you may need. We offer you eco-friendly fashion so that you can always look your best without leaving a strong environmental impact.

Sustainability and product quality assurance

Working with us is a guarantee of sustainability. All suppliers and the facilities they use to produce must comply with our Code of Conduct and the requirements we set out in our standards and our restricted chemical list.

Our standards are constantly reviewed to ensure that we apply the latest developments in product quality, health and safety. They are also carried out to ensure that we have audits, improvement plans, technical assistance and training.

So much so that we have been awarded the ISSOP sustainability certificate, which rewards organisations and individuals who have made a decisive commitment to excellence in the field of sustainability, respect for the environment and for people. All with the aim of promoting a change towards a new paradigm, based on an economic model where the economy of the common good is the reference.

We are aware that sustainability must be put into practice in all aspects of the company's daily life. The Moolberry team is committed to this collective energy to be more than a sustainable fashion brand. Our staff have different nationalities and speak many languages, we promote inclusive working environments regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or background.

Beyond ecology, we are committed to gender equality with initiatives such as flexible and part-time work. 90% of our workers are women and we are committed to policies that favour maternity, breastfeeding and work-life balance. We improve the quality of employment with the aim of achieving adequate, homogeneous, stable and quality working conditions.

Returning to sustainability, we are aware of the impact that the textile industry has on water consumption. Our supply chain uses water in the cultivation of cotton and other fibres, as well as in the wet processes it carries out to manufacture garments such as laundry, printing and dyeing. Our commitment is to reduce the impact on the areas where it can be done. 

Sustainable and ethical throughout all processes

A change of that magnitude can only be made if the supply chain is improved. We insist that our partners meet minimum requirements in chemical management. To this end, we help suppliers apply more sustainable techniques and practices in water-intensive manufacturing processes, from the choice of raw materials and chemicals, to improved technology or wastewater treatment.

Reducing greenhouse gases is also among our commitments. 80% of Moolberry's global consumption comes from clean sources. We are making improvements at every stage of the business model, from raw materials (we personally select organic and recicled materials in order to create clothing made of sustainable materials and other sustainable and recycled materials) to the finished product, through the production chain, logistics and shop operations.

The “Give and take” system, once the life cycle of your clothes is over

In this area we have promoted the “Give and take” system, which seeks to return Moolberry clothing when the customer considers that its life cycle is over. You can recycle our sustainable fashion brand’s clothing in the physical shops. 

Moreover, twice a year, the return of the clothes will be activated through shipping in order to reduce carbon dioxide gases to a minimum while giving our clothes a second chance. Not only this, but if you take part in our “give and take” campaign Moolberry will offer incredible advantages.

We are committed to biodiversity through responsible management of natural resources. They are currently under pressure due to different reasons, while we have an option to reverse this declining tendency in order to stop the destruction of our habitat and end the overexploitation of resources.

Our Biodiversity Strategy is based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. Its main aim is to protect biodiversity at all levels of our activity and to guide our business decisions in line with ethical and environmental criteria, such as reducing energy consumption and improving water quality. 

Together, we can do this!

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