How to Tie-Dye Moolberry Style

Moolberry is a fashion company that is committed to bringing its philosophy of conscious consumption closer to the customer, supporting solidarity actions for environmental care projects and aid to socially excluded groups.

Moolberry is aware that the model of fashion consumption is changing. New generations seek to be more sustainable without giving up their ability to wear the latest trend, which is why at Moolberry we increasingly seek a very careful design that minimizes its footprint on the environment. We offer modern designs without compromising our brand philosophy.

Sustainable and ethical fashion for all ages

At Moolberry we want to make sustainable fashion accessible to all generations. Our designs are aimed at women of all ages. Our style allows us not to have to give up on aesthetic criteria while taking the utmost care of the final result. The right price, even taking into account the whole sustainable chain of the product from the moment it is manufactured to the moment it goes on sale in the shop.

For this summer, the brand has launched collections that will delight our clients. Dresses with unique patterns that suit all sizes, made of natural cottons and delicate linens.

The Tie Dye design at Moolberry

It's a trend that has taken wardrobes by storm. At Moolberry you will find a variety of colors, patterns and types of garments to choose from. It is a fashion that also gives you the option of DIY (do it yourself), that is to say, "do it yourself" and become designers in your own home. With this system we will achieve a personal, exclusive garment and it will also give us the possibility to recycle those items that we no longer use from our wardrobe.

Step by step: how to make your own tie dye to give a new life to your clothes

This summer's hot tie dye print, which we're all about at Moolberry, inspires us to share an ingenious, simple and cool DIY craft to give a new life to that skirt or t-shirt you don't wear any more.

  1. What do we need to create our own tie dye t-shirt at home? Gloves, fabric paint, coarse salt, rubber bands or string and the garment you want to dye.
  2. Tie the garment with the help of several rubber bands or strings in a spiral.
  3. Mix the salt with the paint in a bowl. Repeat this step with the paint of each color until you have several containers with the mixture of different tones
  4. Add the paint of each color to the different areas of the garment, do not forget to do it on the back as well.
  5. As a last step, cut the rubber bands and put the garment to dry.

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