Coronavirus could become an opportunity. Lockdown has forced us to stop, to reflect on our lives, our surroundings and, of course, our environment. We have observed how in just a few days with the forced human lockdown, animals and plants have been recovering their space, an environment that was taken away from them.

The pandemic situation is being used by consumers to become much more informed about what they buy. This crisis has been useful to educate the population in this regard. Fear of the virus and concern for health has led to more responsible consumption and to extending the life of the products purchased. We place more value on timeless, quality and above all sustainable fashion.

We look for designs that become basic in our wardrobes and at the same time we inform ourselves about how they have been manufactured.

We are at a key moment where people are more aware than ever that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after aviation, and that this must be changed.

Moolberry, a franchise with value

Moolberry is a sustainable fashion company that brings value to both the entrepreneur who chooses to invest in this business and the customer who trusts in the brand's designs. A different kind of fashion supported by a responsible, ethical, and sustainable philosophy. A situation that has earned the company the distinction of being the only one in the world to have the ISSOP seal of sustainability.

In Moolberry every detail, from the decoration, material or object is meticulously studied so that they comply with all the sustainability regulations.

This sustainable franchise’s value and unique selling point lies in the laborious and strict production of our garments that from start to finish comply with the regulations as a sustainable garment. With the help of universities and reference laboratories, each garment maintains the highest standards in terms of human rights protection and promotion of international labor standards, health, safety, and environmental aspects.

All collections are renewed weekly to avoid globalization of designs and the materials are sustainable. All this, together with a strong communication and marketing plan in which the brand is immersed, foresees success for the entrepreneur starting out in this business.

The business side is backed by a solvent group with great experience in the fashion sector.

The profile of the entrepreneur is a person who is enthusiastic about fashion, environmentally conscious, a fighter and passionate about the company. The fashion company has launched a support program for entrepreneurs to give access to investment financing to all those interested in setting up this franchise. With this program, the entrepreneur only has to contribute a third of the investment, the rest is financed through financial entities with which the brand works.

Moolberry is in charge of preparing all the necessary documentation for the potential franchise and requesting financing for a business plan with sales projections, feasibility studies, cost analysis and payroll expenses, among other aspects.

The future franchisee who is interested in opening the franchise will be able to make an investment starting at 27,900 €, with no entry fee for premises of between 50 and 80 m2.

How to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe?

The minimalist trend of choosing a capsule wardrobe has three main advantages: comfort and ease in creating looks, maintaining order in our clothes and creating perfect outfits. The most widespread method is to opt for a selection of basic garments that never go out of fashion, which can be combined with each other, and some unique or special designs, more in line with trends, which give them a different touch. To this challenge we want to add that these clothes should be sustainable, manufactured in a way that guarantees the care of natural resources throughout the manufacturing process.

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, according to figures from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This is due to changing trends that have given rise to what is known as Fast Fashion, i.e. very cheap throwaway fashion. Society is becoming increasingly aware and so is the industry. Last summer, 32 major fashion groups signed the 'Fashion Pact' in Paris, demonstrating that sustainability is on the agenda of major companies, although it has no legal binding, and its objectives are weak.

But conscious citizens are demanding committed companies in which sustainability is not just a marketing strategy. Thus, other brands and companies emerge that are already born with a sustainable conscience and take care of their manufacturing processes. All the water they use to manufacture their garments is recycled, they do not use toxic dyes and their fabrics are natural. It is a business model whose activity has a responsibility towards people, water, climate change and biodiversity.

Sustainability and price are not compromised

It is common for this type of garments manufactured under a sustainable vision to have a higher price. Our philosophy is based on three main pillars: sustainability, comfort and quality at an affordable price for everyone. Moolberry is the ideal company to create a sustainable capsule wardrobe with our garments.

At Moolberry we showcase exclusive, different and sustainable designs. They are basic garments with a different touch that makes them special and unique. We are committed to collections in neutral and natural tones made with natural and ecological fabrics that make them perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

In Moolberry collections we can find those timeless basic designs that are the basis of any capsule wardrobe from white t-shirts to denim jackets through trousers, skirts and jumpers. All our garments have spatial details that make them unique and feed that capsule wardrobe so that it doesn't get boring or monotonous. In addition, we also have special and trendy garments that provide that differentiating touch to the most basic looks.

And this proposal is made under a 100% sustainable philosophy. Moolberry is the first fashion brand to achieve the ISSOP seal for its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. All our suppliers, as well as our facilities, comply with a Code of Conduct and meet the requirements set out in their standards and restricted chemical lists. All packaging and manufacturing is carried out exclusively in Europe.

A second life

We trust our raw materials and we want to extend the life of each garment. However, we understand that sometimes we get bored of wearing the same thing all the time. With the idea of giving a second life to its designs, Moolberry has recycled cardboard containers in all its shops to deposit the garments that customers will no longer use, giving them, in exchange, a discount voucher for their next purchase. In this way, the clothes will be given a second life by donating them to NGOs to be given to people at risk of social exclusion./p>

With the discount voucher, the customer can choose to use it in its entirety in a future purchase or donate part of it to the charity project that the firm will lead each year with an NGO. At the counter of each shop there will be a recycled cardboard box so that customers can deposit their donation. In 2020, the proceeds will go towards the creation of a water well in a Kenyan village.

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