All the benefits of recycling your clothes

All the benefits of recycling your clothes

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of recycling and the consequences our lifestyle has on the environment. There is a lot of information about the use of plastics and other materials, which have a major impact on flora and fauna, but have you thought about recycling your clothes? These items are also easily recyclable and can make a huge contribution to sustainability.

Recycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as new products are made from used materials rather than virgin raw materials. In addition, it is becoming easier and easier to contribute to a less wasteful world by recycling clothes, either through fashion businesses that are joining the trend or through somewhat more homemade methods.

Why recycle clothes?

Let's start with the facts. It is estimated that 50% of recyclable materials come from industry and commerce. The overall reuse rate is 65%, but the industrial and commercial sectors can prevent 2.8 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted by 2050. Many leading textile brands are already tackling this issue and you can start doing your part too.

Most of the clothing we wear is made from four main materials: cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibres. The first three are obtained naturally, and the last one is a petroleum derivative. Regardless of the origin of the material, the manufacture of clothing is a process that involves practices that can be harmful to the environment, such as the production of dyes, coatings or mercerisation.

 When it comes to making garments from synthetic fibres such as nylon or lycra, their manufacture has a significant effect on the atmosphere. These fabrics are simply the result of complex chemical processes derived from the extraction and processing of petroleum. If they are produced in abundance, this can contribute to the depletion of this resource. To avoid the consequences for the environment as well as the destruction of limited resources, there is the valuable habit of recycling clothes, which can be extremely positive in the long run.

There is every reason to do something as simple as recycling your clothes. This can provide many benefits to the world around you and is a great way to contribute, to do your part for a better future.

What are the benefits of recycling clothes?

Now you know why recycling clothes can be positive, the advantages of doing so for a better world and the environment. You have reasons to do it, but what are the real benefits? How are we going to notice this big change?

  • Save up on water consumption: The production of textile materials produces enormous waste in water. Water, the source of life, may need an urgent rescue at any time if we do not become aware of certain practices that harm it. Recycling clothes saves on water consumption and also limits water pollution, an excellent benefit for all people and living beings.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: On the other hand, global warming is a common problem that is causing changes in the climate and general living conditions across our planet. The gases that are produced when fabrics are treated to make clothes have a negative impact on the atmosphere and contribute to this imminent warming. Recycling clothes benefits the entire planet and our present and future quality of life.

  • Promote a more sustainable fashion industry: Clothing goes through important chemical processes for the design and preservation of the fabrics. At this point very harmful substances are released which, in large quantities, can lead to disastrous and toxic results. This can be avoided by recycling clothes. 

  • Take care of biodiversity: Excessive cultivation of materials such as cotton or linen, which are not bad in themselves but can wreak havoc by covering a large amount of land for this purpose, can also be prevented, as can unsuitable animal husbandry practices for the purpose of extracting their wool or fur.

How to reuse clothes?

There are different types of clothing recycling and ways to contribute to a better world, to a more sustainable planet full of natural resources. Some are very simple, such as reusing clothes for other tasks or to create new garments. You can have fun creating new models for your wardrobe without great cost, who said that recycling is boring?

  • DIY fashion: An excellent source of inspiration is the world of accessories and the timely fashion of DIY (do it yourself) that has generated many video tutorials and ideas all over the internet so that everyone can create their own clothes or accessories and dress with a lot of originality. What's more, nowadays you can also find sustainable fashion online. You can make bracelets, pendants, wallets and anything else you can think of, or whatever your skill can come up with, with leftover scraps of clothing that you no longer need. These accessories will become unique pieces, so you won't be giving up on style with this craft. You will let your imagination run wild and have fun using your creativity.

  • Donate clothes: Another option is to choose those clothes that are in good condition and simply no longer fit you due to size, but are in good condition. These are the ideal clothes to donate to those who need them the most, it is a very beneficial recycling practice for everyone. You won't have to make a big effort as there are containers in every city where you can deposit them or charity shops and organisations that can advise you.

  • Customize your clothes: Sometimes clothes simply become obsolete due to trends or personal taste. If the garment is in good condition, why throw it away? The ideal thing to do in these cases is to use your imagination, creativity and customisation. You will surely be able to add patches, details, studs or other details that will turn it into something much more to your liking and you will save on buying a new piece. 

  • Recycling bins: Finally, you can opt to let Moolberry do some of the work for you by recycling their own garments in a very simple way. This brand is aware of the needs of the planet and has decided to create sustainable policies and offer you all the facilities to recycle the clothes that you are no longer going to use.

How to recycle Moolberry clothing?

Moolberry is convinced that fashion is compatible with a more sustainable fashion industry. That is why the brand has set its own sustainable goals for a better world. All of them are part of the objectives established by the European Union for sustainable development set for 2030. 

Among them, the reduction of water in all processes (from manufacturing to its use in the brand's own shops), the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials, local manufacturing, fair working conditions and equal opportunities. In addition to all this, Moolberry is deeply committed to circular economy, collecting clothes that you no longer wear to create new garments or donate them to an NGO for women at risk of social exclusion.

To carry out the brand's plans, they have created some very simple systems, with which you won't have to worry about practically anything, as they do most of the process themselves. With the "Give and take" system you can recycle your clothes with Moolberry very easily. The platform offers all customers the possibility to return their unwanted Moolberry branded clothing. All they ask is that the items are still labelled and in good condition. To do this, take your clothes to your nearest shop, drop them in the bins, receive a 10% discount on your next purchase and they will take care of recycling your clothes!

They also have an online "Give and take" system for greater convenience,which is ideal for people who prefer to shop online or for those who don't have a shop nearby to go to the recycling bins in person. To do this, on your next purchase, tick the "return clothes" box. Fill in the form indicating the garments you are returning and their description and pack the Moolberry branded clothing you wish to recycle. When your order arrives, hand over the clothes to the courier and when the clothes have arrived at the warehouse, you will receive an email with a 10% discount for your next purchase.

In short, thanks to initiatives like this, recycling clothes can be within everyone's reach. These small gestures contribute very positively in the fight for a better world, for a wealth of resources for all people.

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