Sustainable clothing for women

Sustainable fashion has gone from being an ideal to becoming a reality with more and more space within the textile industry. Thus, it is not only present at festivals, competitions, study programmes, courses, but it has also become the star at major fashion events that are specifically dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. A type fashion that aims to the conservation of natural resources and to use materials and techniques with low ecological impact as its main goals. 

This sustainable policy  must be part of a recycling chain, as well as contributing to reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring that all workers involved in the entire design, manufacturing and sales process have decent working and economic conditions. 

Thus, at Moolberry.com we are committed to creating all kinds of sustainable clothing for women and offering you a complete collection of sustainable fashion. Discover our commitment to sustainability and ethical clothing!

Your sustainable clothing shop

At Moolberry.com we want to become your sustainable women's clothing shop. The place where you can feel like a star and find a complete and well-cared-for collection of sustainable clothing for women. Years of effort and teamwork have led us to achieve the ISSOP seal or Sustainable Innovation, which awards brands that fight against programmed obsolescence. 

A distinction that is awarded to all those organizations or individuals who have been involved in achieving excellence within the field of sustainability. A commitment in which respect for people and the environment is valued and a new economic model in which the common good is key.

To be close to our customers we have both physical shops and our online sustainable brand store. Our stores are carefully designed shops in which we have sought a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which design, functionality and aesthetics are paramount. Here you can find sustainable t-shirts, dresses, trousers and accessories that are committed to ecological and quality fashion. 

Currently you will find us in the city of Toledo, Malaga and also on the Internet. In this way, we offer you an integrated business model in which you will find quality, sustainability, closeness and professionalism.

Eco-friendly clothing, made from recycled materials and more

All the clothes in our collection are ecological, seeking sustainability from the beginning. Thus, not only do we seek the sustainability of raw materials, but also that suppliers and manufacturers comply with our Code of Conduct.

We ensure that our garments have a sustainable life cycle, and that all manufacturers and suppliers comply with all standards in labour, human rights and environmental matters.  

At Moolberry we offer recycled clothing and work with factories located in Spain, France and Portugal. These factories meet high quality standards and are part of our local production model. A flexible model that allows us to control the whole process from the origin of the raw materials to the distribution and sale of the women's clothing in physical shops and online platforms. 

Thanks to this, at Moolberry we can guarantee that each garment and article is safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable. Thus, we do not only worry about the raw materials with which the fabrics are manufactured, but also the chemical industry that produces the dyes and colorants must be adjusted to respect the environment. 

A requirement that extends to all auxiliary chemical products used in the textile and leather sectors. In order to control all these aspects we constantly review quality, safety and health standards, as well as designing improvement and training plans and making technical assistance and improvement plans.

Our commitment to our customers and to the future of the planet leads us to be very demanding with each collection of sustainable clothing for women. As you can see, our model is ambitious and expands the sustainability policy in all areas. To this end, we have reduced the use of water in the manufacturing processes, optimising its management and eliminating the dumping of chemical products. These actions are also accompanied by:

  • A campaign to raise awareness, monitor and publish our progress in water management and our commitment to "Zero Waste".
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint in shops, offices and logistics centres
  • Optimisation of labelling to inform customers about the correct care of garments
  • The use of organic materials such as organic cotton clothes, TENCEL® Lyocell and recycled clothes.
  • In addition, since the end of 2017, we have been using artificial fibres that do not come from primary forests or forests with a high ecological value.

Return your used clothes for a more sustainable fashion industry

But you also have an important role in this plan. Making the textile industry much more sustainable and making all these measures work requires the involvement of all parties in the fashion cycle.

To this end, at Mollberry we have set up a service to return your used clothes so that they can be reused and recycled. Our plan is to collect clothes of our brand in our physical shops. Soon we will also activate a twice-yearly clothing return system through shipping, in order to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. A return of clothes that we encourage with a discount on new purchases and that you will soon be able to use. 

Now we invite you to be part of this eco-friendly fashion project and look like never before with clothes full of style. Join our collective energy and be part of this change in the way we produce and consume to make a better world.

 In addition, if you cannot come to our shop, we offer you the following facilities in the purchase process on our online platforms:

  • Free shipping for orders over 50 euros.
  • Fast delivery to your home in 48-72 hours.
  • First return due to size change is free of charge.
  • The return period is 15 calendar days.
  • The payment system is 100% secure.
  • We have a loyalty programme to reward your purchases.

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